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As the murder mystery host, it’s your job to introduce the theme to the guests, kick off the investigation and eventually announce who committed the murder. Don’t worry, we have all of your important lines written out on the Whodunnit App. You just focus on making sure you and your guests have a good time! Whodunnit mysteries are designed for the host to participate in the party, so even though you’ll be coordinating the whole thing, you still get to take a stab at solving the murder!


Before the party:

  • 1.

    Download the Whodunnit App and register to play.

  • 2.

    Decide on a mystery theme and download it to your device.

  • 3.

    Set a place, date and time for the murder mystery dinner party. You’ll need about two or three hours.

  • 4.

    Choose “Host a Party”, followed by a “Theme”.

  • 5.

    Download character packs if you have more guests than the theme’s default number.

  • 6.

    Add event details, time and date, and location. Tap on the checkmark to create game.

  • 7.

    Assign characters to your guests. Simply read the character bio to best match a friend by tapping "Share Code" to send through text, email, etc.

  • 8.

    Pull to refresh. A checkmark will appear next to the character when a guest has entered their code. Please be sure you have all the checkmarks for each character before tapping "Play". If selected "Play" you can tap on the character's icon to return back to sharing codes with friends.

  • 9.

    Decorate your location to make the mystery come alive! Don’t forget to Tweet us your pics @WhodunnitApp.

  • 10.

    Don’t forget to prepare for your role! Read the information about your character to understand their motivation and why they might be the murderer. Get your costume together, some suggestions included in the Whodunnit App.

  • 11. Print out Voting sheets for each guest.

Note: Do not unlock any cards until the fateful night. Don’t read Introduction, Announcement, Investigation, and Conclusion. Reading ahead will only spoil the mystery.

When your guests arrive


When the guests arrive, it’s a good idea to gather everyone to introduce themselves to the group, sharing their names and perhaps one or two background details.


Once introductions are made, head over to Round One and select "Introduction" and unlock the “Secrets & Objectives” cards from your device.


Read the card marked “Introduction” to the room. This will get the party started! Don’t forget to unlock the “Secrets & Objectives” cards.