FAQ - Whodunnit - Murder Mystery Games


Common Questions

What if I don’t have enough guests?

If guest cancel at the last minute, try rescheduling the party. If the minimum number isn’t met, there won’t be much of a mystery to solve!

What if I have too many guests?

Whodunnit App will update theme with new character packs in the future. For now, choose guests who will make the party come alive.

What if the gender ratio of the theme doesn’t match my guests?

You can always change the character’s gender. But it’s much more fun if you can get into character as the characters gender.

How long are each game?

Each theme varies on improvising, eating meals, and the overall pace of the game. We think most themes will last 2-3 hours.

How does a game work?

The host invites friends through the Whodunnit app. Friends will enter the code to get character information.  At the party all players will play the game together but through their own device (eg mobile or tablet). Guest inculding the host will have objectives to complete through out the party. In the middle of the party someone will die. Its your job to investigate who comitted the murder.

Why didn’t I get a code?

No code? Reach out to your host and ask for code.

No host? Gather your friends (7-21) and decide someone to become the host and agree on a murder mystery. Once your host inputs when and where, he or she will send your character code.

How do I download a game/theme to my device?

Tap on “SHOP THEMES” followed by a theme of your choice to complete the purchase. You can invite more friends to the party by purchasing extra characters.

I don’t have a host?

No host? Gather your friends (7-21) and decide someone to become the host and agree on a murder mystery. Once your host inputs when and where, he or she will send your character code.

Do my guest have to make a purchase?

No. Only the person who wants to become the host will purchase any theme or any extra character packs.

Host Questions

How do I vote?

The Host will not be able to participate in the voting process. But if for any reason your guest can’t vote through the app please have them write their votes on a sheet of paper as follows or click here to print the voting sheet:

  1. Character Name
  2. Who do you think is the murderer?
  3. Vote for Best Actor.
  4. Vote for Best Dressed.

Collect all votes after they are done. You the host can vote for Best Actor and Best Dressed. Tally up the votes, read the Conclusion and announce winners.

How do I start the game?

Once all your guest arrives, gather everyone to introduce themselves to the group, sharing their names and perhaps one or two background details. Once introductions are made, head over to Round One and tap Introduction, unlock the “Secrets & Objectives” cards from your device. Read the “Introduction” to the room. This will get the party started!

How do I add more characters if I already started a game?

You’ll have to end your current game and start from scratch. Tap “PLAY” and scroll to the bottom of the page and tap on “End Game”. Now go to the Theme Shop and select the theme you want more characters from. Remeber, if you already shared codes from the previous game you will have to re-share them again.

How do I invite a friends who has an Android?

We have PDFs available. Simply print them out or email it to your friend to patricpate by looking at the phone. Click here to get started. Use promo code “50percent” when you buy more then two.

Guest Questions

How do I know I’m the murderer?

When the Host unlocks “After the Murder Objectives” you’ll know if you are the killer. Be sure to keep this a secret. You win if no one can figure out it was you.

How do I vote?

After the host unlocks “After the Murder” objectives you’ll be able to vote. If for any reason you are not allowed to vote. Write your guess on a sheet of paper as follows or click here to print the voting sheet:

1. Write Your Character Name

2. Select who you think is the murderer.

3. Select best actor/actress.

4. Select best dressed.

After you’re done, hand it over to the host.